A multi-layer solution, enabling manufacturers to secure IoT devices end-to-end, with first of its kind on-device real-time protection for embedded systems


Our innovative approach offers agentless on-device protection acceptable by any IoT device. Now the entire IoT value chain can benefit from scalable security and visibility from within the device in under 3% overhead and transparent integration. With the Sternum Suite enterprises can be immediately alerted of any cyber-attack attempt on their networks involving IoT devices, and manufacturers can offer managed and monitored IoT devices to their customers with built-in real-time security.


Sternum Suite consists of two main solutions

EIV — Embedded
Integrity Verification
— Sternum’s cutting-edge solution prevents attacks on-device at the exact point of exploitation. Even if vulnerabilities exist, EIV deterministically prevents them from being exploited.
RIEMS — Real-time IoT Event Monitoring System
— Provides mission-driven visibility into the devices. With real-time monitoring and automatic third-party code management, RIEMS alerts on required updates, device misuses and attacks.


Our Core Innovative Technology

Embedded automatically into the entire device’s code, thus enables RIEMS to provide security services and monitoring from within IoT devices


HOW IT WORKS: Step by Step


Sternum’s solution can be easily deployed on a great range of devices.

✔ Full support of real-time operating systems, including FreeRTOS, SAFERTOS, ThreadX, Micrium, VxWorks & home-grown OS

✔ EIV is communication-protocol agnostic,
supporting Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Cellular and more

✔ Supporting ARM-Thumb based micro-controllers
(Cortex-M, Cortex-A, Cortex-R and more)