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IoT - a Rapidly Growing Challenge

With an increasing attack surface, billions of devices deployed and thousands of newly discovered vulnerabilities and attacks every month, securing IoT is a challenge that must be solved

Lack of Resources

Hard to implement security within the device’s constraints

Hard to Update, Patch

High costs to patch and lack of access to distributed devices

Device Blindness

No visibility into locations, use patterns, behavior, malfunctions

Supply-Chain Risks

Third-parties endangering devices' operation and security

Sternum uses patented Exploitation Fingerprint™ algorithms

Stop Mitigating, Start Preventing

While vulnerabilities are infinite, exploitation methods are limited and present the bottleneck of cyber threats. Sternum is focused on preventing exploitations in real-time, rather than relying on passive detection and patching of vulnerabilities. Patented algorithms identify unique exploitation fingerprints™, essential and identical among all types of attack categories and allow Sternum to protect devices holistically and for the long-term.

Instead of trying not to get infected, Sternum offers a vaccine that targets the exploitation proteins and mechanisms. Experience the immediate ROI received as you stop constantly mitigating, and start actively preventing.

How Sternum Works

1. Quick Integration

In a few simple clicks, EIV™ seamlessly integrates with your development environment, and fully supports most common IDEs.

2. Integrity Embedding

EIV™ identifies risk areas in the entire firmware, including in its third-party components, that could compromise the device, and embeds integrity verification for those areas. As a result, even if a vulnerability exists, the attack will be detected and prevented by EIV™.

3. Runtime Protection by EIV

Every potentially compromising action is inspected by EIV™, and exploitation attempts are therefore blocked in real-time.

4. Real-time Monitoring with ADS

Now embedded within the device, ADS will continuously provide high real-time visibility and monitoring. Alerting and investigations are enabled in an intuitive dashboard, that can be configured to suit the needs of the operator or admin.


Autonomous Security with Embedded Integrity Verification™

Sternum deploys hooks across all code, to detect flaws, monitor and block attacks, and provide enhanced tracing and logging for analytics, all in real-time and autonomously, no network access or patchwork needed.  Sternum’s code integrates transparently into your build, testing and deployment processes, and never disrupts you or your team. No changes to existing platforms, stacks or hardware are required, and no configuration is needed.

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The Autonomous Observability Platform

Sternum enables the collection of unique data, including OS and third-party components. ADS provides advanced analytics and asset management across distributed and previously unmanaged devices.

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Sternum Makes it Easy

Any manufacturer aspires to launch flawless devices. However, most IoT devices have low computing resources, excessive reliance on third-party components and high diversity, which make them a real challenge for traditional security solutions, and impossible for existing observability tools. Sternum was designed to make it easy.


Block all known, unknown and advanced attacks at the moment they strike and before any damage is done. Gain visibility into any IoT device, including OS and third-party components, for advanced cybersecurity detection.


Gain all-aspect visibility into the inner workings of user and device behavior, monitor activities, detect anomalies and critical errors and collect real-time feedback across device fleets, to remove guesswork from your processes.


Obtain real-time asset management tools for any device, supporting risk-management analysis, IoT security regulation and production optimization. Share information with customers and generate new revenue streams.

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