Sternum autonomous embedded platform - runtime security and observability
Sternum’s patented direct-to-binary instrumentation technology provides a powerful synergy between EIV and ADS.
EIV – baked-in, on-device, real time security & active attack prevention.
ADS - observability platform for centralized device visibility, security, alerts and data analytics that integrates to any existing device.

EIV: Embedded Integrity Verification

Is an autonomous, agentless security solution that immunizes mission critical devices against cyberattacks.  
EIV acts as active-mitigation on both legacy and new devices. it provides run-time protection, applied directly into binary
and non-binary code, including third-party components, working autonomously on any embedded devices and reduces patchwork patchwork

ADS: Analytics and
Detection System

Is an autonomous cloud-based observability system, offering real-time visibility to all kinds of embedded devices. ADS provides unique insights into the devices’ behavior, enriched with deep data points collected by EIV using binary instrumentation from within the device internal operation and supply-chain components.

How it works

Leveraging binary instrumentation, Sternum security and observability places sensors throughout the existing code that operates in runtime to achieve self-protection and deep data-collection.

Uniquely integrating directly to the binary layer, Sternum’s solution retrofits to any legacy devices while integrating to new ones with zero R&D efforts and minimal impact on performance.

Embedded Integrity Verification (EIV)

Sternum’s solution provides long-term cybersecurity peace-of-mind by bringing patented, RASP-like (Runtime Application Self-Protection) concepts into connected devices. The self-protection, embedded by EIV, prevents attacks in real-time leveraging what we call the “Exploitation Fingerprints™– identifying and preventing the exploitation in runtime regardless of existing (known or unknown) vulnerabilities. This active-defense immediately saves costly patches and updates to device manufactures and future-proofs products against the ever-evolving vulnerabilities and malwares.

Shift-Left and Create new revenue
streams through ADS

Sternum leverages its on-device presence to create holistic data visibility in ADS. ADS offers a no-code way for product and R&D teams to collect data from their devices that is being sent in an already compressed and encrypted form using the existing communications stacks on the device, working within the embedded device limitations. Real-time alerts on breaches, anomalous behaviour and prevented attack attempts with detailed forensics and investigation capabilities are enabled. Shift Shift to recurring revenue models through providing the ADS platform to your end customers. Real-Time Alerts and visibility are integrated to the existing enterprise security orchestration.

Key Features

Real Time —

Providing active mitigation form within the device, active monitoring, observability and in-field feedback, with none of the implementation complexity.

Leveraging Exploitation Fingerprint Technology —

Patented prevention and self-protection to omit vulnerability related patchwork and save budget.

Low Footprint —

Minimal consumption of resources with <1% overhead, no agents and minimal footprint.

Third-Party Risk Mitigation —

Enforces security into third-party code and supply chain components, even if they are closed-source.

Operating System Agnostic —

Applied to any IoT and embedded device, seamlessly integrates with both Linux and all RTOS based devices.

Flexible Security Settings —

Unlimited and intuitive policy setting capabilities that doesn't require updating the edge devices.

Security for Legacy Devices —

Works for post-market, old and existing devices. Supports highly regulated industries without requiring your R&D resources.

Exception Success Rates —

96.5% prevention rates in benchmarking tools. Full coverage to all top IoT vulnerability classes.

DevOps by Design —

Fits into existing workflows, adding shift-left capabilities to your product development lifecycle with software profiling and instrumentation-enabled observability.

Quick & Effortless PoC —

Two weeks for full deployment without any of your resources needed.

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