Autonomous solutions for Healthcare

Protection and Visibility for Providers

Sternum provides unparalleled protection for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Connected Medical Devices, combined with the most advanced observability capabilities. Sternum covers the entire medical IoT device lifecycle – from design, development and testing to deployment and maintenance.

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Connected Medical Devices - a Security Challenge

Increasing Attack Surface

The proliferation of IoMT, along with insufficient access controls and reliance on legacy systems, has increased the attack surface exploitable by cyber criminals determined to steal personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), perform ransomware attacks, disrupt healthcare delivery, and use the device as a gateway to the enterprise / manufacturer network.

Limited Observability

Connected devices are often not visible in the hospital’s SIEM or Medical Inventory Management systems. Many IT heads don’t have an up-to-date inventory of how many connected devices exist in deployment, their location, intended use patterns and how they’re ported to the network. Distributed, remote care devices, are even more exposed to threats and are in higher need of on-device protection.

Compliance Burden

The FDA defines guidelines for a pre-market vulnerability assessment, that focus on potential cybersecurity risks and methods of mitigation; as well as guidelines for post-market risk management programs, according to which a manufacturer should establish, document and maintain throughout the medical device lifecycle an ongoing process for identifying cybersecurity hazards.

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Protect, Understand, Manage

Sternum operates without adding any additional hardware, while working on any existing hardware. It seamlessly integrates with any medical device operating system and development process, working within the device's computational and energy limitations.

The platform addresses both known and unknown vulnerabilities, including third-party components, to ensure maximum security across complex supply chains where access to the source code is often not possible.

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Better Performance with Autonomous Observability

Gain complete visibility by monitoring and analyzing events in your device or across an entire fleet, from the first line of code and until post-deployment maintenance.

Diagnose software bugs and vulnerabilities by using instrumentation, to pinpoint flaws, gain dynamic profiling and analysis of the software, including third-party code.

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Compliance ready

We can help with NIST and FDA pre-market cybersecurity guidance