The Risk in IoT

By 2020, 25% of cyber attacks on enterprises will involve IoT devices. It is known by attackers that the IoT and edge devices are the weakest part in the organization’s network – making them a desired and easy entry point to the enterprise. It is now clear that if a company’s assets are to be secure assets and avoid crippling data losses due to cyber incidents – IoT devices must be secured.

The exposure/risk

• Penetrate the network and potentially unstable
• Data loss, including sensitive personal medical data and financial data
• Takeover / shut down the IoT devices at the edge and within the enterprise
• Loss of reputation
• Financial penalties

The suggested strategy

The most effective way of securing your enterprise and mitigating the risk of compromised IoT devices, is to deploy protections within and across the device. With Sternum’s EIV real-time protection embedded within the heart of IoT devices, these devices can be hardened and reborn as a safer part of the network
• Get alerts immediately with Sternum’s RIEMS if the edge devices in the enterprise are being targeted and attacked
• Understand the risk and exposure to the enterprise. Contact us to get a comprehensive IoT/edge security assessment and quickly understand the exposure and blind spots of your enterprise
• Get continuous and intimate visibility to cyber attacks on your organization with RIEMS. Respond immediately before any malware spreads to your enterprise network


The Risk in IoT

Regulations, reputation, market awareness, and increasing ransomware attacks on manufacturers are only a few of the risks that unsecure IoT and edge devices pose. Embed and harden these devices with built-in, real-time security and monitoring. Promise your customers, vendors, and employees with on-going and scalable security that requires almost zero manual efforts or additional requirements.

+ The exposure

• Regulatory Compliance,
• Insurance
• Financial loss and civil liability exposure
• Reputation in the marketplace
• Differentiate your offering

+ The suggested strategy

• Deploy EIV on existing IoT and edge devices (via OTA)
• Integrate EIV on planned and new devices to protect them in real-time including the firmware’s third-party components from cyberattacks
• Once EIV is integrated with your R&D procedures, on-going and scalable protection is achieved with no extra efforts due to the deterministic nature of EIV’s technology
• Get ongoing intimate visibility to cyberattacks on your IoT and edge devices with RIEMS. Create a security-leveraged offering to your customers that provides managed and protected devices to their network
• Keep IoT and edge devices up-to-date and aware of any new CVE that may affect the health of the devices with RIEM’s automatic 3 rd party code management
• Easily comply with regulations
• Understand the risk and exposure to the devices – contact us to get a detailed and comprehensive IoT security assessment and be able to quickly understand the IoT/edge exposure level
• Know the unknowns in the IoT infrastructure