Autonomous solutions for IIoT

Protecting Industrial Control Systems and Connected Machinery

Sternum provides unparalleled protection for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Connected Machinery, combined with the most advanced observability capabilities. Sternum covers the entire industrial IoT device lifecycle – from design, development and testing to deployment and maintenance.

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IoT Industrial Environments - a Security Challenge

Factories are a Prime Target

Breakthroughs in mass production defined the last century of global economic growth – a revolution continuing into the current century via increasingly connected and automated industrial devices, including industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), programming logic controllers (PLC), and human-machine interface (HMI). However, increased connectivity and efficiency reveal potential security threats that make factories a prime target for adversaries and malicious attackers.

No Proactive Prevention

Industrial equipment is built to last, expensive machinery is cumbersome and costly to replace. While the upsides of IIoT are clear, these innovations are often incorporated piecemeal within existing assembly lines. Older equipment augmented with connectivity lacks the on-device monitoring capabilities needed to ensure IoT network security. In combination with absent proactive real-time prevention, these legacy devices can serve as the ideal beachhead from which attackers can propagate throughout your network.

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Protect, Understand, Manage

Sternum operates without adding any additional hardware, while working on any existing hardware. It seamlessly integrates with any operating system and development process, working within the device's computational and energy limitations.

The platform addresses both known and unknown vulnerabilities, including third-party components, to ensure maximum security across complex supply chains where access to the source code is often not possible.

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Better Performance with Autonomous Observability

Gain complete visibility by monitoring and analyzing events in your device or across an entire fleet, from the first line of code and until post-deployment maintenance.

Diagnose software bugs and vulnerabilities by using instrumentation, to pinpoint flaws, gain dynamic profiling and analysis of the software, including third-party code.

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Compliance ready

We can help with NIST IoT cybersecurity guidance