Embedded Integrity Verification

An agentless security solution, which provides run-time protection, applied directly into binary and non-binary code, including third-party components

Embedded Self-Protection

EIV™ prevents attacks in real time, making entire classes of vulnerabilities unexploitable.

Secured Supply Chain

All device components are protected, including third party libraries, through binary instrumentation.

Optimized Lead Time

Generating insights during development by unlocking hidden data points from software behavior.

Stop Mitigating, Start Preventing

While vulnerabilities are infinite, exploitation methods are limited and present the bottleneck of cyber threats. Sternum is focused on preventing exploitations in real-time, rather than relying on passive detection and patching of vulnerabilities. Patented algorithms identify unique exploitation fingerprints™, essential and identical among all types of attack categories and allow Sternum to protect devices holistically and for the long-term.

Instead of trying not to get infected, Sternum offers a vaccine that targets the exploitation proteins and mechanisms. Experience the immediate ROI received as you stop constantly mitigating, and start actively preventing.

Sternum uses patented Exploitation Fingerprint™ algorithms

Autonomous Threat Detection and Response

Sternum deploys hooks across all code, to detect flaws, monitor and block attacks, and provide enhanced tracing and logging for analytics, all with minimal overhead. Sternum’s code integrates transparently into your build, testing and deployment processes, and never disrupts you or your team. No changes to existing platforms, stacks or hardware are required, and no configuration is needed.

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Key Features

Real-Time Protection

Providing active mitigation from within the device, protecting all potential risk areas

Deepest Third-Party Mitigation

Full protection is maintained for existing and new code, including third-party libraries

Low Footprint

Minimal consumption of resources with <3% overhead, doesn’t change device behavior

Exceptional Success Rates

96.5% prevention in benchmarking tools, full coverage to all top IoT vulnerability classes  

Operating System Agnostic

Applied to any IoT device, integrates with Linux and RTOS based devices

DevOps by Design

Fits into existing workflows, integrates with tools already used to code, build, test, deploy

Save Cost Immediately

Save cybersecurity patching and updating expenses today and future proof your device against future threats

Effortless Post Market Security

EIV™ brings immediate security and visibility to already existing legacy systems


Autonomous Analytics and Detection System

Sternum has full visibility over all components within your device throughout design, development, testing and QA. ADS provides a huge information advantage over any other tool and delivers unparalleled detection efficacy.

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