Autonomous solutions FOR critical infrastructure

Protecting Smart Meters, Data Concentrators and Controllers

Sternum provides unparalleled protection for critical infrastructure, including transportation, energy, water supply and telecommunications, combined with the most advanced observability capabilities. Sternum covers the entire  IoT device lifecycle – from design, development and testing to deployment and maintenance.

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Critical Infrastructure - a Security Challenge

New Risks

Transportation systems, power and water utilities and telecommunication,  are increasingly switching to connected smart meters, data concentrators and controllers to operate and supervise their operations more efficiently. But the proliferation of such equipment is posing new security risks that may result in local incidents including fraud, as well as state-level or national blackout.

No Self-Defense

The systems powering our nations and our homes, and fueling our cities, are staggeringly complex yet hidden from sight. As these devices become connected, hackers can turn even the smallest breach into a system-wide disaster. The possibilities for cyber breaches are endless, while associated devices must always preserve functionality.

Key Challenges

First, the critical nature of utility infrastructure means that even a temporary gap in service or system downtime can prove disastrous on a national level. Second, the rapid adoption of systems, smart appliance and metering technologies that connect to the wider system exponentially expand hackers’ potential entry points into the network.

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Protect, Understand, Manage

Sternum operates without adding any additional hardware, while working on any existing hardware. It seamlessly integrates with any operating system and development process, working within the device's computational and energy limitations.

The platform addresses both known and unknown vulnerabilities, including third-party components, to ensure maximum security across complex supply chains where access to the source code is often not possible.

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Better Performance with Autonomous Observability

Gain complete visibility by monitoring and analyzing events in your device or across an entire fleet, from the first line of code and until post-deployment maintenance.

Diagnose software bugs and vulnerabilities by using instrumentation, to pinpoint flaws, gain dynamic profiling and analysis of the software, including third-party code.

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