The Sternum advantage

Operating in previously impossible depths, Sternum provides organizations with runtime security across, and real time visibility into IoT devices. Sternum works with any device, any operating system, with minimal overhead and across the entire stack, including third party code, throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

IoT devices are hard to secure

Main characteristics of IoT devices, such as low computing resources, excessive reliance on third-party components and high diversity, have a created a real challenge for existing and traditional security solutions, leaving IoT devices more vulnerable than any other connected device. From data theft and ransom attacks, through harming the device itself, to using it as an entry point to critical and enterprise networks, an attack on IoT can be destructive.

Not only these devices generate security challenges as they evolve, but while their number grows exponentially over time, manufacturers are losing visibility into how they are performing, where they are being used and by whom. Invaluable data is being missed, causing longer development times and unnecessary guesswork for future developments.

Sternum makes it easy

Sternum developed a multi-layered solution ensuring all IoT devices are truly secured end-to-end and optimally managed. With deep presence within devices, comprehensive IoT security is achieved through the combination of three elements: protection, detection and management.


Sternum's prevention approach focuses on the exploit stage of an attack in real-time. Sternum is blocking all known, unknown and advanced attacks at the moment they strike and before any damage is done to the system


Sternum's detection approach provides visibility into any IoT device throughout its entire lifecycle, including OS and third-party components, for advanced cybersecurity detection, threat analysis and asset management.


Sternum tools provide real-time asset management for any device, supporting risk-management analysis, IoT security regulation and production optimization. Vitals such as location, IP, data usage and required updated are monitored.

The only solution that protects against current, future and unknown threats.
The only solution that provides full visibility into any device, OS, and component.

Sternum EIV™ is an on-device and software only solution, which requires zero developer effort and no source-code to begin operating. It is embedded automatically into the entire device's code, including closed-sourced code, commercial operating systems, and third party libraries. Once embedded, EIV secures any device, including unmanaged, distributed and post-market devices (via OTA update).

ADS is a non-intrusive, cloud-based analytics system, offering real-time visibility into any device, throughout its entire lifecycle. ADS allows developers and security professionals to implement tailored monitoring traces and alerts to any RTOS, Linux or Windows device. The platform provides cybersecurity detection through Sternum's core technology, as well as behavioral analytics based on intimate access to devices.

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