Analytics & Detection System

An autonomous, non-intrusive, cloud-based analytics system, offering real-time visibility into any device

Uniquely Acquired Data

Binary instrumentation that unlocks unique data-points from the embedded software, to interactively profile and test it during runtime for accurate results.

Effortless Implementation

Automatically hooks into any embedded software, to provide real-time observability with none of the implementation complexity.

Unparalleled Control

Centralized platform for cybersecurity, asset mgmt., product insights, alert and policy setting and overall visibility throughout your products and customers.


Autonomous Observability

Sternum enables the collection of unique data, including OS and third-party components. ADS provides advanced analytics and asset management across distributed and previously unmanaged devices.

ADS Automatically builds a Monitoring Strategy uniquely tailored for your product, based on in-depth binary analysis and detection algorithms. Implement the strategy with ADS's flexible API and already encrypted and lightweight protocols, suitable for extremely low-bandwidth environments. Gaining visibility and insights has never been simpler.

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Key features

Flexible Security Policy Setting

Unlimited and intuitive policy setting capabilities that do not require updating the edge devices.

Lightweight and Robust

Encrypted and built for embedded and isolated devices protocol, unified and centralized for all product types

Guided Monitoring Strategy

Automatically generates a strategy for you, to pull the right data for continuous optimization of your products.

Deep Analytics Engine

Data-analytics engine that yields actionable insights related to security, quality, behavior and performance

Always-Improving Detection Engine

Intelligent detection that alerts on potential breaches on device / fleet-level, leveraging millions of data-points in real-time

Be Alerted in Real-Time

Always stay informed on any prevented attacks or potential data breaches, with immediate alerts delivered to ADS.

Shift Left, Save Money

Detect software issues early, with interactive, automatic profiling during runtime execution and testing.

Expand Revenue Streams

Generate revenue with ADS's data management layers delivered to your customers

From Best-in-Class Security to All-Aspect IoT Management

Good security products should do more than just keep you safe

That is why Sternum's analysis of devices does not stop at security. Along with detecting vulnerabilities and exploitations, ADS autonomously identifies bugs and other software quality issues impacting the performance of devices. Sternum leverages its comprehensive visibility over all aspects of any device, to provide actionable insights beyond security threats. This capability improves quality control pre and post production and allows finding the root-cause of performance issues significantly faster.


Embedded Integrity Verification, Sternum's core

Sternum deploys hooks across all code, to detect flaws, monitor and block attacks, and provide enhanced tracing and logging
for analytics, all with minimal overhead. Sternum’s code integrates transparently into your build, testing and deployment processes, and never disrupts you or your team. No changes to existing platforms, stacks or hardware are required, and no configuration is needed.

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