We're on a mission

Sternum has set out to make an impact, ensuring that our connected future will be the smartest, safest, and most valuable for the people in it.


Dean Zavadski

Software Engineer

Alona Zayats

Software Engineer

Elisha Kholmyansky

Software Engineer

Tal Green

Software Team Lead

Shahar Levy

DevOps Engineer

Alexei Minin

Software Engineer

Noam Zhitomirsky

Software Engineer

Tal Granot

Software Team Lead

About us

Billions of IoT devices are being deployed each year, providing people with increased functionality in nearly every aspect of life.  By nature, such devices are lightweight, resource-constrained and  difficult to design, manage and protect. As they become more complex,  resources required to launch and maintain device fleets become increasingly high, especially in critical sectors such as medical devices and infrastructure.  

Existing tools are unable to support design, development and product teams in identifying bugs, flaws and vulnerabilities, leading to extended development lead times,  tedious patchwork before and after deployment, and ongoing concern over the safety of devices, as well as their users.

Sternum was founded in 2018 by a team of highly experienced research, development and business leaders. Bringing profound knowledge in embedded systems,  the joint perspectives of the defender and the attacker, and an aspiration to elevate the medical security standard, Sternum set out to build not only uncompromising innovative technology, but also to create true impact.

Sternum's EIV™ (Embedded Integrity Verification)  is an agentless security solution, which provides run-time protection, applied directly into binary and non-binary code, including third- party components. Patented protection includes multiple layers: memory integrity, execution flow integrity, application security and logical vulnerabilities detection.

ADS (Analytics and Detection System) is a non-intrusive, cloud-based analytics system, offering real-time visibility into any device, throughout its entire lifecycle. Unique data collected, including OS and third-party components, enables advanced analytics and asset management across distributed and previously unmanaged devices.

Sternum is lightweight, OS-agnostic software is simple for manufacturers to integrate into their overhead-sensitive devices, saving valuable time for R&D while implementing powerful security protections and controls without taking up the limited memory and CPU real estate.