Autonomous Security and Observability Platform

Peace-of-Mind for device manufacturers with real-time self-protection and self-monitoring delivered seamlessly throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

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Sternum advantage

Deploy Active Mitigation on any Device

Save money and efforts by ending the vulnerability management race.  
A patented Exploitation-Fingerprint technology that keeps you future-proof and always protected — regardless of patching, unknown vulnerabilities or resources.

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Out-of-the-Box Product Security & Observability for Device Manufacturers

Active Mitigation to End the Race

Sternum prevents exploitations of known and unknown vulnerabilities in real-time and secures all components, including third-party libraries.

Optimizes Product Delivery

Shift left and allow your teams to focus on product development, instead of debugging and endless patching.

Centralized Data Platform

End the Blindness — Accurate, consistent and real-time data insights from the most resource-constrained environments to always stay informed.

Works on any Environment

With generic direct-to-binary approach, self-protection and self-monitoring is gained automatically on any platform or OS immediately.

We Are Trusted by Our Customers

Sternum’s solution saves us time, manpower and money. Being able to lean on Sternum as an active mitigation, is a game changer and the data insights help us build better products and make better decisions.

- Kyle Erickson, Product Security Director at Medtronic

It's seamless, baked-in security with none of the added investment or complexity. Sternum alerts users to any attempt to compromise one of their deployed devices, providing early security intelligence.

- Dr. Mihai Voicu, CISO at Telit


Enable Self-Protection on Your Products with Embedded Integrity Verification

An agentless security solution, which provides run-time protection, applied directly into binary and non-binary code, including third-party components. Patented protection includes multiple layers: memory integrity, execution flow integrity, application security and logical vulnerabilities detection.

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Gain Full Visibility with ADS

A non-intrusive, cloud-based analytics system, offering real-time observability and insights into device behavior, during development and post production.

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