Sternum provides real-time on-device security and visibility for any IoT device,
using robust technology and seamless integration.

Sternum seamlessly embeds security into your embedded devices.

With a new approach to IoT security, Sternum has built a holistic, highly scalable IoT endpoint security solution, that prevents attacks in real-time and provides visibility into the device.

By pinpointing the steps an attacker must take to compromise any IoT device, and while monitoring the entire device's code, Sternum protects the device against known and unknown threats.

Seamless integration

With seamless integration, Sternum's IoT security solution makes no changes to the development environment. Plus, no external hardware is needed.

Comprehensive protection and stellar prevention success rates

Sternum protects closed source code, including third-party libraries, the most vulnerable part of an IoT device.

IoT endpoint security

Sternum’s solution achieves comprehensive protection and stellar prevention success rates, with a minimal overhead of 3-5%.

IoT real-time protection & monitoring

Sternum is OS & hardware agnostic, and provides real-time IoT protection and monitoring to any device, regardless of its operating system.

Sternum IoT security protects a wide range of sectors,
with a unique focus on high-value IoT Devices.

The sternum is a bone that connects to the ribs and protects the essential organs - heart, lungs, and major blood vessels from injury. Like the sternum in the human body, Sternum’s EIV - embedded integrity verification resides as close as possible to your most essential data and software, and protects them from external threats.